CARS Protection Plus

There’s no question a break-down or major repair could have severe financial consequences for a motorist. You may be forced to go into debt, reduce and/or delay spending, or stop driving your vehicle altogether. CARS Protection Plus provides you peace of mind you will have assistance with today’s high cost of repairs.

Since 1998, CARS Protection Plus has sold more than 1,500,000 service contracts to motorists across the country. CARS Protection Plus maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau because of its dedication to providing the best protection plans. Unlike most other automotive protection plan providers, CARS Protection Plus has an acceptance level of 200,000 miles for most vehicles. Its customer service team is always responsive to questions, and the claims process can often be completed in one day.

Protection Plans Offered by CARS Protection Plus

In truth, there is no perfect plan for all motorists. Each individual will have a specific budget and require a protection plan which that not only fits this number, but offers real value. CARS Protection Plus has a policy for nearly every budget. CARS Protection Plus will always provide the full coverage a customer has purchased for their automobile. Here are the service contracts CARS Protection Plus offers:

Purchasing a CARS Protection Plus Plan

Motorists looking for added protection for their automobile can purchase a CARS Protection Plus service contract at more than 10,000 dealers across the country.