How Car Warranties Save Used Car Owners from Hefty Repair Bills

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Cars may be highly advanced in technological and mechanical benefits, but unfortunately, this means they are expensive to repair. Drivers who are hoping to avoid hefty repair bills may find that a car warranty is the best way to save money.

The least expensive method of getting a warranty on a car is to purchase a pre-owned car which still holds its original factory warranty. This will provide protective coverage in case of damages or faulty car operations, instead of resorting to more expensive repair bills.

In this article, CARS Protection Plus covers the benefits of car warranties and how these can save used car owners from hefty repair bills.

Obtaining a Car Warranty

According to Eric, some car repairs can cost an average of over $2,500. In light of this, a warranty is There are a few excellent ways to choose a used car and benefit from a warranty at the same time. The list of these methods can be found below:

  1. Purchase a car with an older, remaining warranty
  2. Purchase a CPO car
  3. Add on an extended warranty

Cars Protection Plus takes a closer look at each of these methods of obtaining a car warranty.

Purchase a Car That Still Has Its Old Warranty

According to U.S. News, the method of getting a used car warranty that takes the least out of a driver’s wallet is purchasing a used car that still has its original warranty.

The best way to do this is to check the terms of the warranty before purchasing the used car in question. Often, the warranty from the original factory agreement is transferrable, and all it takes is a trip to the brand of vehicle’s dealership. 

However, if a used car is under a powertrain warranty, it will not transfer to a new owner.       

cars protection plus

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

A CPO car is a car with a Certified Pre-Owned warranty. The benefit of this kind of car is that not only are they typically close to brand-new, but the dealer will usually sell the vehicle with additional benefits added to the warranty. These can include trip interruption reimbursement and other extra perks.

The downside of CPO cars is that they are usually more expensive than a used car that does not come with a warranty, and it is typically only available at a new car dealership of the same brand.

Add on An Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is a product that can be added on to a vehicle, allowing the coverage of the warranty to extend past the lifespan of even CPO warranties. Extended warranties can be purchased in many places such as car dealerships, lenders, and car manufacturing companies.

The worth of an extended warranty for a used car is dependent on how well the type of warranty covers the brand of vehicle. This is because some warranties will only cover specific damages, and if the car brand typically experiences mechanical failure outside of those damages, the warranty will do a driver little good.

However, an extended warranty’s long life and coverage can be helpful and reduce the cost of repairs as long as thorough research on its benefits is conducted before purchasing.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, car warranties can save used car drivers thousands of dollars on repairs. Though purchasing a used car with a pre-existing warranty is the cheapest option, a CPO warranty may last longer, while an extended warranty can cover damages for an even greater amount of time. The best way to take advantage of these warranties is to understand their individual benefits

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